Coastal Convenings

Embrace the transformative power of collaboration and innovation as we nurture a vibrant community through our Coastal Convenings. These gatherings unite scholars from across Tulane University, ignite the development research programs, forge new pathways to research funding, and cultivate enduring collaborations that push the boundaries of what's possible. Since its inception in 2019, our Coastal Convening program has played a pivotal role in identifying coastal research expertise. Following a brief pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we revitalized the program with an expanded academic focus, capitalizing on the wealth of ideas and perspectives within our diverse community.


Each convening manifests as a full-day meeting that features presentations and stimulating exercises. To ensure a continuous flow of inspiration and knowledge exchange, we are committed to hosting convenings regularly. 


As esteemed ByWater Institute Scholars, you are automatically invited to our Coastal Convenings, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to join and become an integral part of this dynamic community. Stay informed about future convenings by sending an email to


During the April 2022 Coastal Convening, we convened an interdisciplinary group of over 50 faculty members from various schools and colleges at Tulane and Dillard University. This influential gathering, led by the ByWater Institute, School of Medicine, and Vice President for Research, resulted in a competitive proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and fostered ongoing collaborations among the participants.


On the agenda were enlightening presentations from the Office of Research Offices, equipping investigators with valuable resources, and the Office of Government Affairs that shed light on climate change and health funding priorities and government trends. The highlight of the convening was an exercise focused on building the framework for a new Request for Proposals from the NIH Climate Change and Health Initiative. Attendees formed diverse teams from a range of disciplinary perspectives, and each team presented their ideas to the full group for in-depth discussion.


Following the event, the dedicated staff and faculty of the ByWater Institute distilled the team notes into a comprehensive summary document. Far from being a mere shelf decoration, this document played an active role. Mere months later, when an opportunity arose, the summary and the insightful ideas generated at the convening served as the foundation for a well-received multi-investigator proposal, even though it ultimately wasn't funded. This collaborative team continues to work together, driven by their shared vision.


Join us as we forge ahead, nurturing collaboration, innovation, and integrative research. Together, we will thrive at the forefront of transformative scholarship.